Aron Houdini and Poasttown School feud is over

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Aron Sullivan, a distant relative of Harry Houdini, claimed that an alleged haunted location that he investigated in 2012 was a fraud. The place was Poasttown Elementary School located in Middletown, Ohio. Sullivan claimed that Darrell Whisman, Poasttown owner and Jay Lynch, tour guide and Hindsight Paranormal investigator, were in on an elaborate scheme to falsify evidence. No proof has surfaced to prove or disprove these claims. Since then, there has been an ongoing feud between the two parties. But now that is all about to end or at least we hope.

“It’s Official. The Poasttown Drama is OVER! Mr. Whisman and I have come to an agreement to “agree to disagree!” You will see no further post on my behalf in a negative way against Poasttown School, the Whisman’s or Hindsight Paranormal. I ask my friends to do the same. I only wish the entire topic of “Haunted or Not-Haunted” between Darrell Whisman and I had not become so negative.” Sullivan posted this today on his Facebook page, assuring us the proverbial hatchets have been put down and buried.

Most people in the paranormal community are tired of the constant back and forth bickering between the two parties involved. Some seem to add fuel to the fire. It is certainly about time the flame dies out and this story begins to be a memory.


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