‘Ghost Hunters’ Jason and Grant put Spalding Inn up for sale

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Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes - GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL -- "The Spalding Inn" -- SCI FI Channel Photo: Cheryl Senter

Jason Hawes, founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society and lead investigator of the paranormal show “Ghost Hunters” announced on his website today that the Spaulding Inn is for sale. Grant Wilson, former “Ghost Hunters” cast member and a co-owner of the inn posted the same announcement on his website.

“When we first saw the Spalding Inn, we fell in love with it, but it was dying. It needed help fast or it was going to be gone forever. We put in a lot of time, money and energy bringing it back to life. Now that it is resurrected, we have come to the conclusion that we simply do not have the time to run it. We are looking for someone to take it from here and keep that beautiful building alive.”

Jason and Grant purchased the haunted inn in 2009. While restoring it, the two plumbers hosted ghost hunts, haunted history tours, and other paranormal events.

“The location is stunning, serene, beautiful, and full of character. It has a rich history that is alive in the architecture and ambiance of the locale. It deserves owners as caring and understanding of the property as we were, but who have the time that we simply did not.”

Nearly a year ago, Grant left the cast of “Ghost Hunters” to pursue other interests. At the time, it was unclear whether there was trouble with Jason and Grant’s friendship. It seems that the business side of the relationship may have taken its toll.

As for the Spaulding Inn, the two best buds claim that they “do not have time to run it” anymore. Why don’t they appoint someone to run the place? Brian Harnois needs a job. Things don’t seem to quite add up. Its possible that their passion for the paranormal could be fading, they’re tired of the fame, or there could be financial issues. Whatever the case may be, their business relationship seems to be slowly crumbling. Who really knows for sure. At least they’ll have more time for their families.

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