Son steals father’s corpse and stores it in a freezer

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A 48-year-old man was arrested by Detroit police for stealing his father’s corpse from a local cemetery. The man was hoping his father would be brought back to life.

Clarence Bright, 93, died last week. The funeral was held on Saturday and his body was reported missing on Monday. Police found the corpse in his son’s freezer on Tuesday.

Police were tipped off that a white van had been seen at the Gethsemane Cemetery and located one parked at a nearby gas station fitting the description. Upon investigation, an empty casket was discovered. The two men inside were arrested.

Lt. Harold Rochon of the Detroit Police Department, said that Bright’s son purchased a freezer to store his father’s body in. The son is “very religious” and was “hoping his father would be resurrected.”

Bright’s son told friends and family that he wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing, he was going to do something about his dad’s death. He took the body from the cemetery, bought a deep freezer, and planned to pray over his 93-year-old father’s body until he came back to life.

The son and the accomplice were taken to the Wayne County Jail and the body was later returned to the cemetery.

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