Aron Houdini Vs. Booth Brothers

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Hostility is at its highest and there seems to be a controversial contest brewing between a magician and two filmmaking brothers.

Paranormal enthusiasts everywhere are witnessing major drama unfold on their favorite social networking site. The parties involved combat each other with status updates. Facebook walls are being turned into battlegrounds with comments as the ammunition. No one seems to be safe and friend lists are in the crossfire.

Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, the bickering magician throws pornography films into the mix, attacking the brothers’ reputation.

One of the brothers retaliates, threatening the magician with his lawyer. He posts an ultimatum, telling fans and friends to delete the magician or to delete him.

caretaker at an alleged haunted school in Ohio is quite possibly relieved that the bullseye is now off of his back. Believe it or not, there is a boxing ring in this school. Maybe all of these guys should take their grudges and take this fight into the ring.

Dissension is splitting the paranormal community. Fake profiles and pages are being launched to slander one another. Writers that are reporting the situation are being attacked. No one is safe.

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