New GhostPro Night Vision Action Cam is as good as a GoPro if not better

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A new night vision action camcorder is now available for paranormal investigators to add to their kits. The GhostPro is a full high definition camera that is just as good as a GoPro and it is available exclusively on eBay and Amazon.

The GhostPro gives GoPro a run for its money at just a fraction of the cost. The camera is modified by Paranormal Playground for full spectrum capabilities to be used as a night vision camcorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigations. The camera can also be used for hunting or fishing at night and it has a motion detection feature to be used as a trail cam. It also can be used by the military or law enforcement.

The Ghost Hunting Night Vision Action Cam picks up infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light spectrums. It shoots in full HD 1080p with 12MP still images. The camera comes with a waterproof housing that is interchangeable with GoPro accessories and mounts and is perfect for mounting to tripods.

The wide-angle lens can record a better field of view on indoor and outdoor investigations. The Ghost Hunting Night Vision Action Cam is a great action camera and can be mounted to a chest harness mount, helmet, or hat. All it needs is an infrared light source to be able to record in the dark. .

The Ghost Hunting Night Vision Action Cam is available on sale exclusively on eBay and Amazon for $139.99.


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