CNN reporter attacked by evil spirit during live segment

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A CNN news reporter claims that an evil spirit attacked her and one of her crew members while she was doing a live segment about a haunted house in Pennsylvania. The reporter said that her crew members were scratched and pushed down the stairs.

Photo courtesy of WPMT

Reporter Katie Kyros was doing a segment at an alleged haunted house in Hanover, Pennsylvania when something strange happened to her and the crew during filming. A few minutes into the interview with homeowner Deanna Simpson, Kyros’ photojournalist Nick experienced a burning feeling in his arm. Upon examining his arm, Kyros found a red mark with scratches. Kyros claimed that she was touched and pinched while doing the segment.

“Simpson says it has happened to her, her husband, and her friends many times before,” Kyros said.

The homeowner believes that several negative spirits are haunting her home including a demon that she thinks is attached to her house. She set up a trail camera in the basement to catch the evil entity. The camera has a motion sensor feature and it captured the shadowy figure that Simpson said she has encountered.

Simpson also filmed her basement door closing by itself while the crew was there and captured an eerie black hand near an upstairs bedroom. Simpson shared a photo with Kyros that revealed a seven-foot shadow figure that was captured on a trail cam that was set up in the basement of the house.

The Simpsons have lived in the house for over seven years. She says that both her and her husband want to move but she believes the house would be too hard to sell. Simpson has even invited mediums, paranormal investigators, and priests to help her get rid of the evil spirit.

What exactly is the eerie figure in the photo? Is it a hoax? Could it actually be a demon or a ghost? Sound off with opinions in the comment section below.

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