Ghosts in haunted building turn out to be prostitutes

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Neighbors living next door to a haunted building learn that the ghosts are actually prostitutes and that the abandoned warehouse is being used as a brothel. People that live near the building reported bizarre noises, strange shadows, and weird lights emanating from it.

Authorities were called to investigate an abandoned building which is rumored to be haunted by locals. The building is located in the southeast Zhejiang province of China. It sits next door to a haunted cemetery but as it turned out, it housed prostitutes, not ghosts.

Police officers from the Wenzhou police department arrived at the scene and found used condoms strewn on the ground at all of the entrances. Four female prostitutes were arrested as well as the ringleader, a man named Chen. Police set up a stakeout and monitored the property for several days. They discovered women entering the building every night followed by a man who delivered groups of customers.


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