‘Ghost Adventures’ returns for eleventh season on Travel Channel on August 22

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The Travel Channel’s hit series “Ghost Adventures” returns this summer for its eleventh season with 13 new one-hour episodes. The show will remain in its Saturday night time-slot premiering on August 22.

“Ghost Adventures” began as an independent documentary film that first aired on the Syfy Channel on July 27, 2007 and the following year, the Travel Channel developed it into a series which first premiered on October 17, 2008. The series follows paranormal investigators Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin as they explore alleged haunted locations.

“Ghost Adventures” returned earlier this year to finish its tenth season without the series’ co-creator and investigator Nick Groff. After ten seasons, Groff announced in November on his Facebook page that he won’t be returning back to the series. Groff’s new show “Ghost Stalkers” debuted on Destination America last fall.

“Thank you everyone for your support through the years! I’m writing to say that I will no longer be a part of ‘Ghost Adventures’ on Travel Channel. I am honored to have helped build an amazing paranormal phenomena that has touched people’s lives all around the world. I am continuing to research and investigate all things paranormal as I start the journey through the next stage of my Life. Much respect and love to all my GAC and ‘Ghost Adventures’ fans. See you all soon,” Groff said.

It was rumored that Nick Groff quit “Ghost Adventures” due to an incident at the demon house. Bagans reached out to Examiner in November and informed us that the rumors were false. He didn’t disclose why Groff left the show.

“One of my production crew quit on the spot when we heard what the girl was doing when she was possessed. It was then I made the decision that the home was unsafe and called the priest to exorcise the house. The exorcism was unsuccessful, and things continued. For the safety of crew we halted production, and it’s been months since then. We plan to resume in December,” Bagans told TMZ. “Nick Groff did not quit because of the demon house. He had no involvement in that at all,” he told Examiner in November.

Bagans purchased the house last year and paid only $35,000 for the home. He recently finished filming the documentary “The Demon House” and the film is scheduled for a fall release in 2015.

The Ghost Adventures crew has investigated over a hundred locations all over the world. In ten seasons of the series, the team has helped to provide answers to people that have witnessed and experienced paranormal phenomena.

The Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” season premiere airs on Saturday, August 22, at 9 pm. Saturdays just got a whole lot scarier. Watch new episodes of “Ghost Adventures” every Saturday night.

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