Suicidal ghost hunter seeks help from friends on Facebook after body was found

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A group of paranormal researchers found a body while searching for ghosts in Mississippi yesterday. Another Mississippi ghost hunter from the same area has been posting unusual messages on Facebook for a few days and the man appears to be in need of help and is threatening to end his life.    

Rob Hood is a paranormal investigator from the Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute. He is a photographer and cinematographer for the team. Recently Hood has been threatening to kill himself through various posts and comments on Facebook.

“I’m done. Everyone have a good life. I sure did and want to thank everyone to continue loving each other,” Hood said in a Facebook post on June 29.

Hood posted on fellow paranormal investigator David Childers Facebook page that he was going to kill himself. He later told his friend that he was walking on Interstate 20 near Vicksburg. No one knows why Hood was walking on the highway in the first place. He may have been trying to explore the former Kuhn Memorial State Hospital where a woman was found murdered yesterday.

On June 28, an unidentified group of paranormal investigators went searching for ghosts at the abandoned hospital and ended up finding a dead body instead. Authorities believe that it is the body of a woman that went missing in the area recently. It is unclear if Hood or anyone from his group was among the members that were in the hospital when the body was discovered.

The ghost hunters were exploring the former Kuhn Memorial State Hospital on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, in Vicksburg, Mississippi when they stumbled upon the body of a dead woman. The paranormal enthusiasts left immediately and reported what they found to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

“We found a white female that appears to be in her late 60s with trauma to the head and the body has been sent to Jackson to be processed. There was some people over at the hospital ghost hunting and they stumbled upon the body and they took off and reported it to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office,” Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong said in a statement.

According to police, the body was found by ghost hunters just after 7 pm on June 28. Warren County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the hospital to process the crime scene and the body was transferred to the county’s coroner’s office. Warren County Coroner Doug Huskey didn’t release the name of the woman but confirmed that her death was a homicide. Vicksburg police believe that the body belongs to a 69-year-old Vicksburg woman who went missing on Sunday morning.

“We’re in the process of trying to identify her and perhaps that will happen tomorrow. We can not say that the body found at the hospital is her, but this body happens to be that of a white female that matches the description of the woman missing on Drummond Street,” Armstrong said.

It is unknown at this time if any of the members from the Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute or Rob Hood was apart of the team that found the deceased woman in the abandoned hospital. The Vicksburg Police Department along with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office are actively investigating the crime along with the Leland Police Department. The body was transferred from the Warren County Coroner’s Office to the state crime lab in Jackson so it can be processed and identified.

“As of today Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute will not be with any dealings with Kuhn Hospital. After this horrible and tragic incident that occurred yesterday to one of our local residents. We will not be affiliated with anyone I mean anyone that does any type of investigation there! I strongly advise the community to stay away from there it is very dangerous and unsafe. I mean it’s not the buildings fault that two thugs decided to do this, but my family and friends/team are more important then collecting evidence. I made this decision out of fear that it could have also happened to us. Prayers and light are sent to the family that is going through this tragedy and I hope they fry the hell out of the Devils that commented this horrible crime! Please send prayers and love to her family they really need them at this time. God bless,” Hood’s teammate David Childers said after Childers cropped Hood out of the group’s photo.

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