Paranormal event planner Carol Malone is filming pilot for new television series

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A paranormal event planner was arrested in Arizona for allegedly scamming people and businesses out of thousands of dollars in Tombstone earlier this year. The Virginia woman now claims that she is being featured in a paranormal television series.

Carol Malone scheduled a two-day paranormal event in the town of Tombstone that was supposed to occur from May 1 through May 3. The event called “A Haunting at Tombstone” was originally planned to feature various speakers, celebrities, and have haunted locations to tour and investigate. Only about a few hours of the event actually happened on the evening of May 1.

Malone says she has been investigating paranormal activity for over 20 years and that she has been working with the police doing forensics for 16 years. She claims that her paranormal group Paranormal Association of Cold Cases started filming a television series called “Forensically Paranormal” on May 13, just days after she allegedly scammed nearly a hundred people out of thousands of dollars. Malone insists that members of her ghost hunting group are the founding fathers of paranormal forensics.

“PACC is dedicated to helping solve missing person and cold cases, with the aid of forensics science to give the dead back their voice,” Malone said.

Malone is being accused of ripping off her guests and not paying the business owners and the Tombstone locations are out of thousands of dollars owed by Malone for services, food and drinks, lodging, and tours that she promised to pay for. Malone allegedly scheduled multiple rooms at various motels and hotels for her guests to stay in for the three-day event, but when she arrived in town, she didn’t pay for them.

London Knight was the name that Malone gave to most of her guests and to business owners that she had venues with. The name is a stage name that Malone used when she was a prostitute and a stripper. She also used it as a pseudonym for the “Stiletto Diaries” and “Amityville: House of Lies” books that she self-published.

A majority of Malone’s guests and talent that showed up were expecting to be in a high-end hotel with their own room. They were told that they had to stay at a cheap motel and share rooms with other guests when they arrived. Folks paid for nice rooms but the rooms they ended up with were run-down.

Malone disappeared to her motel room at the Budget Host Inn after Examiner reporter John Albrecht confronted her at the Four Deuces Saloon in downtown Tombstone on tje evening of May 1. Malone got word that Albrecht was in town to do a story on her so she never participated in the first few hours of the event and was found hiding out in the bar. She spent the entire night avoiding angry guests with the help of three Arizona Ranger bodyguards. Malone eventually left in tears after Albrecht questioned her. She never showed her face again in Tombstone and she eventually cancelled the event altogether the following afternoon via Facebook.

The 46-year-old eventually got detained by one of the Tombstone Marshals and cited for “theft of services” for non-payment of several locations in town. Upon leaving the Tombstone Marshal’s office, she claimed that she was going to walk to the Tucson airport because no one would give her a ride. Later that night, over a dozen police reports were filed with the Marshals Office at Albrecht’s hotel, the Tombstone Grand. Officers went looking for Malone but didn’t find her at her room at the Budget Host Inn. She was later seen by several guests with a paranormal radio host from Alabama. She was spotted going in and out of his room where he was allegedly hiding her.

On the afternoon of May 2, Tombstone Marshal John Houston said that Malone was taken into custody where she was fingerprinted and cited with “theft of services” at the Tombstone Marshal Office. Houston said that his office is building a case against Malone and turning it over to the Attorney General’s office where she may face additional charges.

“The event happened but no one showed,” Malone claimed when she was being detained at the Marshals Office.

One of Malone’s guests, Shaunie Deidre paid $900 for a VIP ticket that was being sold to other guests for $325. Diedre had a flight credit so she decided to use it to come out to the event. She is upset because she stayed in her room the entire time and didn’t experience anything. Deidre has a brain tumor that is terminal and would have rather saved her plane ticket to visit family or use it for medical reasons. She claimed that Malone borrowed $260 in cash to pay one of the hotels that she owed money to. Malone wrote her a check for the amount.

Deidre reached out to Erie Echo and informed them that the check that Malone gave her had recently bounced. Malone allegedly wrote the terminally ill woman a check on May 2 because she claimed she didn’t have any money when she was in Tombstone. Deidre went to the emergency room on Saturday due to complications from her surgeries.

Malone’s paranormal event planning agency Dark Side Entertainment has multiple upcoming events scheduled for later this year. She is currently selling tickets for an event set to take place at Saint Albans Sanatorium in Radford, Virginia in August. Malone has been known to use the following aliases to sell tickets; London Knight, Carol Malone, Carol Lynn Malone, C. Malone, C. L. Malone, Carol Granberger, Carol L. Granberger, C. L. Granberger, Carol Ratterman, Carol Rotterman, Carol Granbergerratterman, and Sarah White. She also runs Paranormal Association of Cold Cases, Forensically Paranormal, Spectra Paranormal, Ghost Mind, and Dark Side Entertainment. Malone is also affiliated with radio host Christina George of Paranormal Connections, Blaine Rohan, Paula Vazquez aka Paula Tereshko, Lord Rick aka Rick Rowe, JRo aka Jesse Roth, and she enlists the help of these individuals to assist her bully others online.

“Carol Malone was supposed to be hosting an event with us in August 2015. All ticket sales were supposed to go through St. Albans and I’ve just learned that she is selling tickets through Ticketleap. Do not purchase these tickets. There is not going to be an event in August with Dark Side Entertainment. St. Albans prides ourselves on our reputation as being honest with the people who purchase our tickets. If you have purchased a ticket through Ticketleap, it was not authorized by St. Albans. I am trying to contact Ticketleap to have this removed,” Marcelle Hanauer, Director of Saint Albans Sanatorium said.

When paying for events, be sure to check the refund policy if any. PayPal has a new refund and return policy that was put in place in November to deter scams like this one. It seems that Malone followed in the footsteps of Ryan Buell. She is a huge fan of the “Paranormal State” star. Buell was accused of a similar scam last summer and some folks believe PayPal changed their policy due to what happened.

Victims of “A Haunting at Tombstone” are urged to contact authorities as soon as possible and make a police report with Marshal John Houston at the Tombstone Marshal’s office. They can be reached at 520-457-2244 and are located at 315 East Fremont Street in Tombstone, Arizona. To file a report with the United States Federal Trade Commission, contact 1-877-FTC-HELP or a report can be filed online via their website. To contact fraud investigators in Petersburg, Virginia, call 804-861-1212 to speak with someone at the Crime Solvers. See video report with John Albrecht and Connie Williams for interviews with guests and business owners.



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  1. This bitch is still seriously trying to sell tickets ?? I would *love* to meet her one day… I’d tell her exactly what kind of twisted ,fake ass fraud she is. She needs to go away because no one is going to take her seriously again.

  2. Jon Vanover // April 3, 2018 at 2:01 am // Reply

    Any updates on this? Where is Carol today?

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