Did Amy Bruni get caught stalking Zak Bagans on Twitter?

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It appears that Amy Bruni is looking for attention anyway she can these days. From attacking people on Facebook to stalking celebrities on Twitter, it seems that she’ll do anything to stay in the public spotlight.

Bruni Tweeted:


“I know. She stuns me into silence too.”

Bagans Tweeted back:

“Thats weird I didnt even tweet ur name.”

Maybe Bagans did Tweet her or maybe his Twitter page is haunted. Who knows.New seasons of “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Adventures” air on Syfy and Travel Channel later this month. Bagans returns to “Ghost Adventures” in his 11th season. “Ghost Hunters” comes back for its 10th season without Bruni.

Jason says Amy fired

Bruni was “removed” from “Ghost Hunters” after the conclusion of the 9th season.

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