Ohio photographer captures ghostly figure floating outside an abandoned mall

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An amateur photographer captured something strange outside of an abandoned mall in northeastern Ohio recently. An eerie figure appears to be floating toward one of the entrances of the building.

Tonya Nester was in the village of North Randall taking photos of the former Randall Park shopping mall this weekend. A friend of hers noticed something strange in one of her photos and sent it to the local news, asking: “Is there a ghost floating around Randall Park Mall?”

Randall Park Mall was once the largest mall in the world. It was built in 1976 and was opened on July 4th weekend of that same year. The shopping center was anchored by Sears, Dilliard’s, and J.C. Penney. Randall Park Mall closed its doors in March 2009 with demolition beginning in December 2014 to make way for an industrial park.

“When my girlfriend’s cousin took the photo nothing was there but when she went home and viewed the photo, she saw a ghostly figure in the corner,” a friend of Nester’s said to the news station.

After the photo was posted on Twitter, many skeptics believed that the alleged spirit was nothing more than a smudge on a dirty car window. Still other folks believe that the abandoned mall is haunted and a few of them have even reported seeing ominous shadow figures darting around inside. Nester thinks that the figure is an angel.

Randall Park Mall is one of several malls that has recently closed in Ohio. North Towne Square Mall in Toledo, Woodville Mall in Northwood, and Rolling Acres Mall in Akron all have been closed in recent years. Many of the locations are reputed to be haunted.

What exactly is the angelic figure in the photo? Is it just a smudge on a dirty window or is it a hoax? Could it actually be an angel or a ghost? Sound off with opinions in the comment section below.

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