Woman finds doppelganger on Facebook and they’re unrelated but look like twins

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Three college students challenged one another to find their lookalikes by using social media outlets to look for their twin strangers and had only a 28-day time period to find them. Within a week one of the students found and met their doppelganger.

Dublin college students Harry English, Terence Manzanga, and Niamh Geaney used social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to track down their lookalikes. They created the “Twin Strangers” like page on Facebook to look for them throughout the world. On the Facebook page, the students requested that people contact them if they looked alike or if someone they knew looked like them.

Geaney found her lookalike Karen Branigan through Facebook in just a week after the page was put up. Oddly enough the woman is also from Ireland and she is nearly identical to her. Geaney has two sisters and Branigan has seven siblings. They both agree that they resemble each other more than any of their sisters or brothers.

“I found Karen through the power of social media and this weekend we met up in real life. She probably looks closer than some of my sisters do to me,” Geaney posted on the “Twin Strangers” Facebook page.

When 26-year-old Geaney met 29-year-old Branigan, the two recorded a video of their time together. They met with a television presenter for an interview where they were dressed in matching clothes. With similar outfits, hairstyle, and makeup, the unique pair were identical strangers.

Geaney and Branigan have since become friends as a result of the experience. English and Manzanga still are continuing their search for their twin strangers but both agree that their friend Geaney had won.

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