Ghostly figure found in woman’s Facebook profile photo

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A woman was taking photos of herself with her cell phone to post on Facebook and after she reviewed the images, she noticed something strange in one of them. She posted the photo in a paranormal discussion group on Facebook and the image went viral.

Andrea Dawn recently posted a photo in the Facebook group Creepy Ghostly Encounters of what she believes might be proof of the supernatural. In the photo, an eerie figure is seen lurking behind her. According to Dawn, she was visiting her parents’ house in Indiana when she took the selfie. She claims that she was the only person in the home when the photo was taken.

“I don’t live in the house, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. My parents live in Albany, Indiana and I go home to stay for a couple of days at a time when I visit them. My mom was at work and my dad went to pick up some cigars and get gas because we were going out to eat dinner. I was getting ready and thought I would take a photo and post it on Facebook so I did. I didn’t see it at first until recently and I thought nothing of it. I haven’t had anything else happen to me like this before,” Dawn said in an interview with Erie Echo.

The photo was examined and according to its exchangeable image file format data, it was taken with a BlackBerry 9330 smartphone with no flash. The image shows no signs of being edited or being tampered with. Some people believe that the anomaly in the photo might be visual paredolia or an actual person. Other folks think that it might actually be a spirit that is attached to the house that visits the family.

“It looks like a man standing to the far right of me. Where it’s standing is a doorway that leads to my grandparents old bedroom,” Dawn said.

What exactly is the eerie figure in the photo? Is it a hoax? Could it actually be a guardian spirit or a ghost? Sound off with opinions in the comment section below.

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  1. Where is the picture? The one above is just her face and hair

  2. Look where the arrow is pointing to the right of the photo. You can see a face.

  3. Look where the arrow is pointing to the right, you can see a face.

  4. The spirit on the right looks like a skin headed man in his 50’s

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