Deserted ghost town back on market in Connecticut

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An old ghost town was recently put back on the market after a potential deal for it fell through after it was auctioned off last year. The historic property in Connecticut is allegedly haunted and is now for sale for $2.4 million.

The abandoned village of Johnsonville in East Haddam, Connecticut was once a thriving community in the 1800s that had multiple textile mills. The last mill ceased operation in 1972 when it caught on fire due to lightning striking it.

Aerospace millionaire Ray Schmitt eventually purchased the property and turned it into a theme park. The park later closed in 1994 due to pressure from local officials regarding fire damage.

A movie and a music video was filmed after the park closed and the town has been deserted since 1998. It was later purchased by a hotel developer in 2008 that tried to sell the town in 2013 for $2.9 million.

The 62-acre property was auctioned off on October 28 for $1.9 million but now the ghost town is back on the market for $2.4 million because the deal fell through because the buyer disappeared.

“It’s considered a special purpose property, given the uniqueness and nature of it, and it’s driven a lot of traffic. There’s quite a large field of considerable interest,” senior vice president of RM Bradley brokerage firm, Jim Kelly said.

Last year, an old gold mine was put up for sale in Arizona. The historic property is allegedly haunted and has a multimillion dollar price tag.

The Octave Mine in Wickenburg, Arizona was once a flourishing gold mine in the late 1800s that produced over 200,000 ounces of gold. The mine has 25 miles of underground tunnels and comes with a 266-acre property that includes a manufactured home. The property is selling for $5,900,000 with an estimated mortgage of $22,444 per month.

When the mine was booming, the town of Octave had a post office, a general store, a stagecoach line, and a school. Now all that’s left is cacti, a desolate desert, and a few of the town’s ghosts.

Scottsdale real estate agent Preston Westmoreland is using a helicopter to show the property. He even takes prospective buyers underground into the dark shafts to explore the abandoned mine. The property also has an revenue-generating FM tower and features an energy-efficient home with a well.

“The Octave is one of the real big boys of the mining industry. It’s attracted a lot of attention.” Westmoreland said.

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