Online scammers pretending to be Facebook employees target paranormal community

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Scammers pretending to be employees of Facebook have been contacting people in the paranormal community trying to get them to send money. The thieves tell potential victims that they’ve won a contest and that they have to pay a transfer fee to get their winnings.

Paranormal enthusiast Chris Melancon was contacted by someone named Harris Edna of Facebook Headquarters today. Edna claimed to be an Online Promo Claim Agent that works at Facebook.


“My name is Harris from Facebook headquarters based in the USA. I am a Facebook Online Coordinator. Your Facebook profile name was selected among the 5 lucky people who won the Facebook online lottery,” the scammer said in the message. Also, in the message, the thief said that Melancon had to pay a $200 fee to get his winnings.

The scammer is telling victims to send Money Grams to Geraldine Evensen in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Melancon suspecting that the message was a scam, warned his friends on Facebook.

“WATCH OUT….SCAMMERS.. I had fun with this one. After they figured out I wasn’t a gullible idiot he cursed me out in another language. Lol. KEEP A LOOK OUT,” Melancon said.

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  1. that figures there are a lot of people that try to get money from anyone

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    Keep your eyes open, friends!

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